Terms Of DJing For Us

Whilst we don’t want to get bogged down in the legal terms for joining us, we do need make sure we hold ourselves to high standards for the benefit of our listeners, and subsequently other DJs.

This page will help to outline the requirements to DJ for us, along with the terms you accept when you play for any of our channels.

If you would like to join our network of DJs, please complete this form after reading these terms.

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We will refer to specific references throughout this page, their definitions are below;

  • Us / We/ The Station/ Essential Clubbers / Essential Clubbers Ltd – The business, or representatives thereof, ‘Essential Clubbers Ltd’
  • You – A DJ who has been accepted by Essential Clubbers Ltd to play on any of their channels
  • Channels – Any station channel from Essential Clubbers Ltd, including but not limited to: Channel 1, Channel 2 or Channel 3
  • Standard Platforms – Platforms actively promoted by Essential Clubbers Ltd, a full list can be provided at request
  • Management team – A team of people selected by Essential Clubbers Ltd to support the management of the station
  • Listeners – Any person who listens or views to any of our channels, events or is signed up to our website
  • Set – A window of time for a DJ to play music on any of our stations or at any of our events

We will provide you with

  • Access to all of the tools and information required to stream for The Station, along with assistance where required (see below for details)
  • A regular DJ slot (providing you keep meeting your obligations to us) on one of our channels
  • A platform to share the community with other like-minded DJs
  • Engagement on streams across our standard platforms from our Management team
  • Reposting of your sets to increase your engagement with our Listeners

You will be required to

  • Provide all equipment to complete your set with us
  • Be an active member of our station by interacting with our pages, posts and other DJs to promote The Station as well as each other
  • To attend all sets that you have agreed to, on time with great enthusiasm, notifying the Management team in advance where you are unable to make a set. Failure to do so, or without good reason, may result in you losing your regular slot or DJ status with us.
  • Act professionally, appropriately and supportive whilst you are representing The Station
  • Provide specific information to allow us to assess your suitability as a DJ on this station, this information will be collected from you when you complete the New DJ Registration Form


Our Management team can be contacted either via our social media groups or by emailing management@essentialclubbers.co.uk.

For general queries, please email contact@essentialclubbers.co.uk.

Additional Terms

Additional terms are located on the DJ Setup page after you’ve been accepted as a DJ to the station. If you do not agree to these additional terms, please contact our management team by emailing management@essentialclubbers.co.uk.