About Us

WE are Essential Clubbers Ltd, Global Music Streamed Worldwide.

We were created in 2003 by our founder, Tony Odden (DJ Chix), in Chelmsford, Essex, UK – the birthplace of radio, clearly it was destiny. He had a vision to provide a community of DJs from across the world who are looking to share their talent and joy with others online.

Starting out from an idea that was shared amongst friends, DJ Chix (with assistance from other DJs), built out who we are today; a community of likeminded DJs and avid listeners from around the world, supporting each other to enjoy their experience of DJing to an audience, regardless of their global location (we haven’t made space yet!).

Through the support network we have expanded to become 3 channels, one with a focus on EDM, another for all genres and one sharing previous sets from DJs past and present. Despite all of this, we are not done yet! As a mature and growing station, we are looking at other ways to expand, growing the brand and allowing us to share the benefits of that with all of our DJs and Listeners.

So, what are you waiting for? Use the channels page to navigate to our live streaming sites, engage with our DJs through chat on those streaming sites and support us using our social media pages (links are at the top of the page).

Are you a DJ who would like you join us? Don’t be shy! Please take a look at our DJ terms page then simply complete our registration form, you’ll then be contacted by a member of the team to discuss details.