From Swadlincote Well where to start……….. I’d say early summer 96 a good friend of mine got a set of soundlab decks. So we made the duo called Sky& TDK. Playing happy hardcore. After sometime of doing that I managed to get my own 1210s and started to play house. After about 5 or 6 years I decided to go down the digital road sold all my vinyls and my decks to fund that project but sort of lost my way a bit and gave up on DJing for some time. Then a year back made the plunge again and got a ddj400 controller then fell back in love with music again. Then the covid lockdown hit the world so I started to do a couple of lives on Facebook while doing them I was asked by scooby (also a Dj on ECR) to play on his Facebook group. So I did a couple of lives on there. But I was out growing the ddj400 so it was time to upgrade to some cdjs. I was then asked to play on another Facebook group after a few sets on there scooby said why don’t you try ECR with me. I toyed with the idea for a while but didn’t think I was good enough to do this. Then was asked again to try ECR again by Phil. So this is where my next Journey is. Peace love and unity!~