Martin Drees – Techno Kassette

My first contacts with electronic music were Haddaway with What is love and 2 Unlimited with No Limit. After that I quickly found Westbam, Sven Väth and of course Steve Mason, who had the brilliant show “The Steve Mason Experience” on BFBS. I always recorded the show on cassette and so I always got the newest tracks, even if I was only 14 years old.
At the age of 16 I started to try myself as a DJ. First at home with an old Denon turntable and my cassette deck. Later I could afford a new turntable (Reloop) and with 20 I finally had enough money to buy 2 Technics.
Even back then I played almost only techno and was totally fascinated by Chris Liebing, Thomas Schumacher and DJ Rush, among others. Especially Chris Liebing and “Schranz” had done it to me.
I played at many parties, but unfortunately I never made the leap into the clubs. Unfortunately life came in between and I stopped being active as a DJ at the age of 26. Unfortunately I also sold my equipment in the time after that, which I regret today. But that’s how life plays sometimes.
At 35 I got more and more the feeling that I wanted to make music again, bought a DJ controller and just started. That was funny, because I was still used to turntables and had to get used to the purely electronic world.But I quickly got used to it and it was just as much fun again as before. In the future, however, we will also invest in the analogue world again.
I was then able to play at some private parties and organised a few myself. Then I got back to techno via House and that’s where I’m just at home. After my move to Switzerland I started “Techno Kassette” and publish my sets on it.
Fortunately after a while the people from Essential Clubbers Radio (ECR) approached me and offered to take over a weekly show.I enjoy this weekly show very much and especially in these strange times there is always a willingly coming experience during the week. The crew of ECR is doing a great job and I am very happy to be a part of it.