I’ve been DJing since I was 15, I am now 22 and trying to make a name for myself, My mixcloud has over 1000 followers (without following thousands) recently I haven’t been able to record many mixes but I still practise multiple times a week with different tracks etc. My genre is EDM mainly electro house and future house but I dabble with near enough every other edm genre. I currently only stream audio. This is because I can stream HD audio straight from the decks to the live stream. I feel this is better than the camera pointing at me with the only sound being what the phone mic picks up. ( I am working on getting HD sound and Video.) I converted my loft into my own studio space so hoping to show that off very soon !

I am so passionate about music and to be able to grow my name is one of my dreams so I’d love to know more information about this !