Kid Caird

Michael Caird is a 24 year old house music DJ and producer. He was born in Perth Western Australia and has been a DJ/Producer for a total of 4 years. Michael developed his name “Kid Caird” by always having a positive outlook on life and having fun everywhere he goes just like a kid would. Michael has achieved a lot by playing all of the best nightclubs and events in Perth WA. They consist of Ice Cream Factory, Origin Fields, Seasons Perth, Snack Perth, Jack Rabbit Slims and Club Humble just to name a few. Michael is currently located in the UK. He made this move late October 2020 to purse his passion for music and plans to work more on producing music while in the UK. Michael has recently teamed up with GORDO, a house music producer from Melbourne Victoria and they have released an edit of Rapper’s Delight by The Sugar Hill Gang which was released on Blanc Audio. Michael has big plans to get more originals and edits released on the best record labels that match his sound.