JustDave ProgressiveSoundz

David De Vos aka JustDave // ProgressiveSoundz.
Started my very first music collection at the age of 12 (1988), this was the starting point of my musical passion.
Filling my collection with radio hits from the late 80’s and early 90’s, this quickly changed after visiting a local recordstore (Music Man) in my hometown.
This visit opened my eyes and introduced me to the 12″ Vinyl records, as well as music genres never heard before, namely New Beat, House and Techno…
In the early 90’s Progressive Trance and Progressive House were an up-and-coming genre, later defined by DJ legends John Digweed & Sasha among others, hearing this style of music for the first time,
I was certain, this is the style I want to play and enjoy for the rest of my life !