Jack Stripes

I started off with a makeshift set up back in the mid 90’s using a dodgy cheap mixer from Tandy and my old mans and my own turn tables from our stacked units. I decided not long after that this isn’t working and bought myself a pair of newmark turntables. These were great and gave me a good foundation. After a year I out grew the belt drive and wanted the 1210’s. After quite a bit of saving I bought some. I had indeed got the bug and was fully in love with music. It was around 1997/98 when I went to our local super club, passion @ the emporium where for the first time, I saw lights that complemented the music. It made the experience that much more intense. In 2001 I ended up selling my technics so I could get insurance for my motorbike. A mistake I still regrets to this day. Fast forward 20 years and I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and got my hands on another pair of technics. After purchasing more vinyl I decided to give this digital era a go and here we are. The love for music is as strong as ever. Lock in to my show and say hi.  Peace 🤙