Marcus Gaudreau is from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Literally the middle of nowhere. Look it up on a map. He lives and breathes house music.
He always enjoys being the life of the party the ultimate hype man. He thought what better way to get the attention of people then to be the voice and the energy of the room – the dj. He first got into spinning for friends birthdays and it took off from there. No one could say his last name, typical Frenchie. So people just called him Goodie. They also used to make fun of his rough blue collar hands and ironically called them smooth. Putting two and two together Goodiesmooth was born.
He has spent quarantine growing and learning new skills for his fans becoming a household name across Canada. He loves spinning UK house, Disco house, Tech house, Funk, and the occasional Patio Lanterns by Kim Mitchell (a Canadian Legend). Check him out for Saturday Smooth on