I’ve always had a passion for creating, whether it be drawing comics in high school, designing new graphics while overseas on deployment, or hearing a particular beat that is begging to be mixed and blended. I crave something different, something more. I love people, but in that love, I love making a difference in someone’s life. If just one person hears a mix that I’m performing and connects, then that is the ultimate euphoria.
The first time I watched Groove, I was hooked! My eyes were opened to a completely new world of genres and music I had never heard of before, and I had to hear more of it! It’s like I had an itch that needed to be scratched…and it’s never stopped itching. I started learning everything I could about DJing, the styles of music like House and Trance, anything that was Underground and not mainstream. I started mixing and trying to DJ while on my first deployment, but didn’t really get into the scene until I moved to Jacksonville, FL, where I became a headliner at an underground club. DJ Howi3 was created and this persona emerged. Once I graduated with my BFA, I then moved back home to South Georgia.
Currently, DJ Howi3 is one of South Georgia’s top DJs with several years experience in various music scenes from hip hop and mainstream to the undiscovered artists. With a passion this strong for DJing and music altogether, it’s never been a hobby.