DjClaudioCicconeBros dj / producer
from: Naples
Our music began as rhythmic guitarist rockPunk band in the 90s then from 1996 in the rave and SquatParty & club scene in milan for 3 years with FlowerPeace live bands of TechnoTrance live set claudiocicconebros was playing groovemachine & sequenser
flanked by bass sax keyboards and live voice.
And then in london in 2000 also as dj & producer x 12 years,
then returned to Italy only in 2012.& star new musicproject AlessiaCiccone&CicconeBros
In 2014 our tune deep-house”I racconti di Ale” was released in the in the compilation “Cafe’ do ’Friariell Vol.2” and passed on the radiomontecarlo frequencies in the program BuddhaBarRadioMontecarlo
They are returning from the success of March 2016 with Our new tune
“Il Tango Dell Amor “
by AlessiaCiccone & CicconeBros,
which reached number 26 in the Top 100 House New Release of BeatPort ,with the Neapolitan label HouseClubRecords
today 2020 a new tune ‘VitaMia’ AlessiaCiccone & CicconeBros ElectroHouse reached 113,000 views on youtube.
now we will out soon with our first ep of electronidancemusic.
djclaudiocicconebros 2018 had an artistic collaboration
with the saxophonist & percussionist of the Spandau Ballet band of the 80s
organizing a pop-up tour of italy by tapping the cities of naples rome florence milan cattolica padua of 80sremix music house electro livedjset