DJ 34 (Kenneth Blanck)

DJ 34 is Kenneth Blanck, an American DJ and promoter in the greater Tokyo, Japan area. He grew up on Okinawa, Japan being a dependent of the US military and grew up DJ’ing R&B & Hip Hop in high school. After moving up to Tokyo in 2000, he made a transition in music after having clubbed at former venues Velfarre, Maniac Love, Code, and Fura. Being influenced by Japan’s top DJ/artists Remo-con, Shinkawa, and Yoji Biomehanika, he shifted towards electronic dance music and started to follow trance, techno, and hard house music genres. I re-started DJ’ing in early 2016 and since specialize in Trance, Tech Trance, and Techno genres. Having been influenced by world wide trance scene artists such as Greg Downey, John Askew, Mark Sherry, Alex Di Stefano, Bryan Kearney, Simon Patterson, Richard Durand and others, he has developed a hard groove style blending Tech/Psy Trance, hard trance, melodic uplifting, and hard techno which can be heard lots of his sets. At times he plays uplifting trance as well. Till date DJ 34 has DJ’d at top tier venues in the Tokyo, Japan area from AgeHa, WOMB, club Asia, Vision, solfa, R-Lounge, to Nagomix. He currently holds residency with Tokyo underground Trance/Techno parties「U」,「R-TRANCE」and 「TRANCE ESSENTIAS」 techno and trance parties in Tokyo. He also is a TCPT support DJ for TRANCEPORT, Tears of Trance, Super Sonic, Blackout, Electric Paradise, Electric Thunder, and Hot Shots well known Tokyo scene parties. Aside from parties, DJ 34 also holds residency radio show with Trance Passion Radio and now UK’s Essential Clubbers radio broadcast show.