I started mixing back in 1998 mixing only hard house at the time. A few years later moved on to other genres mostly d n b and hard trance.

Played parties and a few illigal raves in Norfolk back in the dayto.

I gave up mixing for about 4 years and was listening to alot of trance sets in that time where I found my love for mixing again so I dusted off the 1210s started mixing trance and have never looked back since. Within that time everything turned digital at a blink of an eye and it’s like starting all over again using cdjs, controllers etc.. Lol.

I play at least 2 or 3 times a week on another station Screamlondon and am happy and proud to be part of this forever growing station ECR. Oi oi

Catch me here on Ecr Fridays 7pm till 9pm playing trance and also Sundays 3pm till 5 pm where il be playing all sorts