I was born in 1981 in Rostock on the Baltic Sea. The wall was still there, you’re dealing with a real Ossi. And I’m proud of that!
I then grew up in Berlin, saw the fall of the Berlin Wall at the age of 8 and then, as you all know, the west came to us. Techno became a big thing in Berlin in the 90s and shortly afterwards the first Love Parade took place. That’s how I became a techno disciple and I’ve stayed with it ever since, and I can’t and won’t imagine a life without techno anymore.
I then did my apprenticeship in Dresden. I’m a kitchen salesman, so I plan, design and sell fitted kitchens. And on the side I go to techno parties, it’s always been like that. In work life the correct, dear and well-behaved looking person and in private life the bastard. I love this contrast in itself.
The real techno party definitely started in Dresden. Then I was already the right age and had long been out of the house with mum and dad. Me and my buddies let it rip and also organized one or the other party ourselves. Even with success and well attended.
My mixtapes from back then were also very popular. Which is why I hardly have any today either. But in any case, it started with me that I was a little more concerned with the music. Different labels like Giggolo Records, Bpitch Control, Trax Records, Kosmo Records, Low Spirit, Cocoon etc … to name just a few, I was attracted to back then. And so it happened that I have actually been playing since 2011 or at least trying to do it.
You can listen to a few of my sets at … “https://soundcloud.com/mukkepunkimnadelstreifen” or at “https://www.mixcloud.com/DaveDaRock/” … Basically very roughly summarized. An exile from East Berlin, techno youth, kitchen salesman and techno DJ, so very simple.
If you want to know more, you can send me a PM on Soundcloud or Mixcloud.