From a young age Tony, always smiled to the sound of music and used to listen to regular radio shows taping them and cutting out the DJs voices and jingles to join together a compilation of unstoppable music, Mixing was in the thinking back then before mixing was invented!!

From the age of 21 he heard Reel 2 Reel – I Like to Move it! Changed the mood forever, shortly after worked many years in nightclubs usually behind the bar and as a potman he was clearly unknowingly doing his research for what was to come.

A collector of Vinyl records from an early age probably about 4 years old, he built up a huge collection of many different genres but it wasn’t until Trance & Hard House arrived where he found his true focus.

All this time he could never get 2 decks together for many years to practice mixing although knew what to do was unsure if he could ever achieve this and so the chapter begins albeit the wrong way round!!

In 1999 Tony took himself off to Tenerife for a challenge to see if he could DJ and see how far he could go and DJ Chix aka Chixy was born.

It was a while before he got his chances and played many different venues where it did not quite fit until he finally settled into his residency at Buddies where he later became the DJ manager an after hours club which opened at 6am was the very first time no pressures!! It grew and grew and was probably the most memorable time he ever had as a DJ.

Also Chixy was a guest on 3 occasions on a very popular radio show in the Canary Islands Waves FM where he played to all 7 Islands in the peak holiday period guesting for both Johnny Rae & Andy D on the Busby’s Dance Zone show which was well received all over the Islands as Chixy later delivered fast food all over the South of Tenerife where between the hours of 7pm til 9pm it seemed that everyone everywhere was listening to this show in apartments, by the pool, in bars even restaurants!! A debut for what was to follow.

On returning to the UK in 2002 a frustrating 2 years trying to find a venue playing in many different local venues but never really finding his niche he went on to play on 6 underground radio stations Renegade, Lush, Rise One, Bass, UKObsession, & Vibe and really enjoyed the presenting side of things adding to his gee them up styles from his Tenerife days shouting at people to adjust to presenting a show.

Chixy enjoys playing both commercial and underground EDM usually House or Trance but will dabble with all the genres within the EDM scene …

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Chix in the Mix Essex UK

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