Bring on the Hype.

Chris Conn A.K.A “C-Conn” started his passion for music in Edmonton. At that time he was experimenting and searching for a new life path when he made the decision to move to Medicine Hat. With a clear mind and a fresh start he used music as motivation to advance. After an ever inspiring festival called Motion Notion he was given his first deck from a good friend who taught him the basics. Soon after training he surpassed his teacher and flourish his skills to become producing his own tracks and collaborating with other musicians. Every day he practices and challenges himself to create more and understand his new found passion and turn his dreams into reality.

He was shown the art of Hard house and Electro, soon incorporating his knowledge into multi-genre bass heavy music, With his ever growing skills and comprehension of sound he will bring you some of the craziest drops and keep you moving all night long.

Links to my productions and mixes are below