It kicked off for me in the mid-eighties, when Hip-Hop and Electro first began to get airtime on Mike Allen’s Capital show. I was hooked. Then the Rave scene broke with hectic weekends spent following convoys and dancing ‘til dawn.
I dabbled with DJ’ing at the time, playing house parties and small events. My first direct involvement with the club scene came with Decompression, a Hertfordshire based Techno club during the mid 90’s, where I got involved on the security side of things (I was an avid martial artist) and designing and running live video and computer graphics sequences in the chill-out rooms.
When Decompression finally disbanded I joined Kid Ballistics in creating Portable Deluxe which with the addition of Skool of Thought became Breakbeat Carnage one of the first Breakbeat club nights in the UK. These days i play everything from D’n’B, Techno and House through to Jazz, Ghetto Funk and Hip-Hop