Attention All DJ’s

The web dude has been busy behind the scenes making improvements to the website and has now completed the massive task of creating a special dashboard for DJ’s to add and change their profiles.

This has been developed simply due to the massive influx of new DJ’s from around the world joining Essential Clubbers, which has now reached the point of 1.5 thousand views per month and has an active increase of followers and listeners to the station each week !

New DJ’s that signed up in the last week will be receiving an email to invite them to complete their own profiles. If they need help- the web dude will assist them. However the operation is as simple as ordering food from your favourite food take away service.

For existing DJ’s who want to change or update their information- register to complete a profile- and the web dude will attach your existing profile to your dashboard for you.

Well it’s Friday night, so go and enjoy the latest sounds from our selection of fantastic DJ’s from all over the globe !

Keep it EC folks !!!!